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Our business is run under Rolly Pups Inc.

          Welcome to Breeders of Blue Eyes Pomskys, The house of the world's most lovely teacup puppies & dogs for sale. The name teacup puppy is typically an advertising hickey to market smaller dogs. Naturally small breed dogs that end up being called teacup puppy.
          Teacup puppy is bewitching type of dog that are further tiny friendly and incredibly cute. We breed adorable white pomeranian puppies, Alaskan malamute puppies, Chow chow puppies, Husky puppies, Malshi puppies. As tiny members of their breeds, teacup dogs have become popular pets.

What we do?

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Under Rolly Pups Inc.

Most of our legal documents will be provided as Rolly Pups Inc.

pet,Teacup puppies,Teacup dogs,puppy pet shop,breedersofblueeyespomskys

Deliver to selected countries

Please contact us to find out the possibility of delivering to your local international airport.

Teacup puppies,Teacup dogs,puppy pet shop,breedersofblueeyespomskys

Veterinarian team

We have partnered with veterinarians who cooperate with our breeders to keep all the puppies in great health condition.

#1 Trusted Breeder For Teacup Puppy

          Puppy Pet Shop makes every effort in bringing home to you the most significant and smallest size micro teacup puppies with great health and for each one of them, their own outstanding personality.
          We have a wide variety of teacup puppy for sale, including pomeranians, poodles, husky puppies, yorkies, chow chow puppies, malteses, chihuahuas, bichons, malshi puppies, mini french bulldogs, mini english bulldogs and alaskan malamute puppies

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