Puppy Pet Shop/Teacup Puppy Petshop

Why from Korea?

Our History

          We have been in the industry for a long time in Korea, participating in dog shows and with the experience, we came to know the breeders that are ethical and prohibit inbreeding and can provide us with excellent quality puppies.

          We have a high end pet shop in Korea and we were constantly contacted by interested buyers from US & Canada. We have expanded our sales channel by opening up our US office in Buford, GA (45 minutes north of Atlanta) to provide better support for our customers in US/Canada. Please note our puppies are located in Korea at our shop.

Teacup size puppies

          Majority of 'teacup' size puppy sellers bring their puppies from puppy mills and advertise them as quality teacup puppies that won't grow big.
Teacup is not an official term used by AKC or other Kennel Clubs to describe the size of the dog and we were worried with using the term which is often associated with scams / puppy mill dogs. However, we decided to use the term to help general public looking for a small dogs to find quality teacup dogs we carry.

          While searching for the 'Teacup size puppy,' you will find a lot of websites and forums claiming short life span and prone to illness on Teacup puppies. This is very true and common issues of any puppies that are from puppy mills.We are highly against puppy mill puppies and inbreeding which can be main cause of such health issues and the lifespan of the puppy.

Our Standards

          We have very high and strict standards on selecting a puppy from the litter. We also visit the breeders and hand pick the best ones available. We travel hours to find the best one from the breeder that specializes in a single breed, sometimes returning empty handed because we could not find the one that meets our standards even with the excellent partner breeders we have. Call us stubborn, but that has been our standards of quality and what we are known for since we got into the industry.

Our Breeders

          We have been working with partner breeders for a long time which ensures us we are supporting the ethical breeder and we can be sure of the size and quality along with the health background of the puppies we bring in.
          They also work with ones that have special relationships only and do not let any random people take their teacup puppy nor are open to the public.This ensures us that we can get the best teacup puppies that are available. We also pay top dollars to get them. By doing so, it costs us lot more to bring the teacup puppy but the breeders do not end up in the situation where they have to start mass producing for living and become a puppy mill. This understanding between us and the breeders help both of our business to provide quality teacup puppies to our customers.

Why not work with breeders in US/Canada?

          It is very unfortunate, but while we were preparing our business channel in US, we also looked at available kennels in US and Canada but we could not find a single breeder that can provide us with the size or quality and the environment the teacup puppies live in. We also cannot be sure of the health background of such breeder.
          With our strict standard on picking the highest quality teacup puppies, even if we were able to find the breeder we can work with, we will have to travel state to state in order to hand pick the best one. With the added cost in doing so which will increase the price of the teacup puppy to our customers, we decided to stick with the breeders we work with in Korea.